This is basically a music blog. I would like to introduce people to some music they may not know about. I spend an obscene amount of time searching for new musical finds.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Busy week

These are a few of the songs that have kept me going this week.

T-Model Ford Cut You Loose.mp3

T-Model Ford She Asked Me So I Told Her.mp3

Junior Kimbrough Release Me.mp3

Chick A Boom Boom Boom.mp3
This one's from the Deep Throat soundtrack-suprisingly good!

All of these songs are available at and Emusic

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Big black bird on my balcony

This morning when I got out of the shower. My cats were having a fit in the living room. I walked around the corner and they were hissing and growling at a big black crow on my balcony picking at thier food dish. He wasn't bothered by me or the cats. I took it as a good sign. Here are some of my favorite songs involving black birds.

Michael Frank-When Blackbirds Fly.mp3

Jamiroquai-Black Crow.mp3

Tori Amos-Black Dove.mp3

Sarah Mclachlan-Black Bird.mp3

Judy Henske-Bye Bye Blackbird.mp3

All these songs are available on Itunes or

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I need to slow things down for a bit

On October 13th I have a board that I need to study for. Right now passing this board means I get to keep my job. Nothing is more important to me right now. I need to slow this down until then. I will try and post a couple of things a week.
Let me leave you with a wonderful singer from the 30's Patsy Montana. I really enjoy her. She was the cowboy queen of the Yodel. She seems like someone who would have been welcome on Pee Wee's Playhouse. Mucho fun to sing along with in your car (hopefully you are driving alone). Read more about Patsy here.

Patsy Montana-He Taught Me How To Yodel.mp3 Little Richard is always claiming how he created rock and roll. I think this song might lay claim that Patsy did. Listen to that Guitar. You can't tell me that Bill Haley wasn't influenced by this song.

Patsy Montana-Yodel Blues.mp3

Patsy Montana-I Want To Be a Cowboys Sweetheart.mp3

Sorry about yesterdays post, Boy was it ugly lol. I can't figure out how to put more than one video on there
Keep me in your prayers that I do well on the 13th. (fingers crossed)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

around the world in crazy rock girls

There is Diva crazy, there is directly under the influence of Bobby Brown crazy and then there are just some gals that are just plain off the charts with bad behavior.

courtney love (US) - Too many things to list but it's widely accepted. On the last Hole album she dedicated it to all the stolen water of Los Angeles ?!?

v=RXakzz1rmjQ Good solo song by Courtney and she plays football in a dress

Grace Jones (Jamaica)- Grace the original paris Hilton without the Heiress thing. Model, Actress, Singer, porno and 2 scoops of crazy.

watch an increadible video of Grace here love her version of this song, and the army of Grace Jones's cracks me up. Amazing Video!

Watch Grace Jones behaving badly here

Bjork (Iceland)- Did you ever see the video where she beats the hell out of that reporter in Singapore?
watch her beat up reporter here

v=nlQMqDZx4jk Really great live performance with lots of giant animals

Lena Lovitch (Yugoslavia) - I don't have any proof of crazy behavior. She just looks crazy. And she did a song with Nina Hagen (posted yesterday). Guilty by association? Great song

Nina Hagen(Germany) - Escaped communist east germany. Former Opera singer. Infatuated with punk, unnatural hair colors and severe make up. In her 30s Marries a 17 year old boy from South africa with a Mohawk. Nina at her best

mu (Japan)- I don't actually have any proof that's she's poorly behaved or crazy. But I think her rants on the albums are enough of a clueMU_Tell You Something.mp3

I searched and searched and couldn't come up with anything for Australia or New Zealand. Suprising considering the whole Island of criminals past and all.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Weak boy... did you see the cow?

I spent today at a place where live cows walk in and are turned into your dinner. I was there for training and saw the entire process. I'm not allowed to discuss it but I can tell you I will make a concerted effort to eat less meat and will be much more appreciative of what I do.

I was going to do a post with songs about rain. It stopped raining. I felt instead I should do songs about the cows. Meat is Murder by the smiths would be completely appropriate but I refuse to put any song on here that I find unlistenable. Meat is murder has a vallid point but It's much too depressing. Here are some songs involving cows that I do like. In thier honor.

Tanita Tikaram-poor cow.mp3 I think this is an anti meat song?

Earlimart-Burning The Cow.mp3 I have no idea what they are talking about but I like the music.

Gene Loves Jezebel-Cow.mp3 I have had this song for over 20 years and always thought it was one of GLJ's best. What's it about- couldn't tell you. I love the vocals and sitar like guitar.

/dont_kill_the_animals.mp3 This is an Anti Vivesection song by two crazy girls, Nina Hagen and Lene Lovitch. From the PETA album Animal Liberation. I believe thier heart is in the wrong place but PETA is a bit radical for me. Here is the video for Don't kill the animals. Warning - It's difficult to watch. They show animal torture.

All of these songs are available on Itunes or

Thursday, September 21, 2006

one of the greatest albums you've never heard of

Back in Denver 1986 there was a show on sunday mornings called Teletunes. They showed alternative videos. One particular morning they showed videos by the Woodentops, Simple Minds and Joan Armatrading. Joan Armitrading video- Kind words and a real good heart. (to bring you back to the moment with me)I liked the video a lot. I had some birthday money and headed to the sound warehouse. I bought the single for The Damned - Eloise and Catching up with Depeche Mode. They didn't have the Joan Armatrading album with Kind words on it but in the cut out (cheap) bin they had an old old Joan album Whatever's for us for us. It was 2 or 3 dollars so I bought it.Well I wore out Eloise and Depeche Mode but couldn't really get into the Joan Album (I was 18).

A couple of years later I was driving to work and KTCL (denver radio station) played a song Fast Cars. I thought WOW Joan has a new album out and I really like that song. I went to Wax Trax record store looking for the new Joan album. The clerk told me fast cars was by Tracy Chapman. I bought the album and loved it but couldn't help thinking how much she sounded like Joan. I pulled out whatevers for us and gave it a listen. I was a little older now and ready for it.

A few years back they released a remastered cd. Man I love this album. When I listen to Elton John, Tori Amos, The Indigo girls and of course Tracy Chapman I hear Joan.

I won't put her whole bio here see link below for all that. Evidently she was running around London performing in Hair the Musical. She met another artsy type woman named Pam Nestor and they decided to write songs together. This woman was a poet and Joan put music to her words.

I'm so glad they didn't have the album I was looking for that day in 86. If they did, I don't think I would have gone back to any of her earlier stuff. I strongly recommend you adding this album to your collection. This and a best of Joan Armitrading should do really well. If you find you really love it, by all means explore more of her large body of work.

all the kings gardens-The guitar on this song is amazing. Hands down my favorite song on the album. And that bass player...MAN!All The Kings Gardens-Joan Armatrading.mp3

Mister Remember Me-Joan Armatrading.mp3 This song breaks my heart

Lonely+Lady+-+Joan+Armatrading.mp3 Early Funk, great use of horns, a little Jethro tull flute thrown in and listen to that bass player working his tushie off.

It was so hard to pick just 3 tracks. This album is uncomplicated, honest and joyful. I really wanted to share the whole thing. Please run out and get it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Music for hypnosis

I mentioned the Knife a couple of days ago and said there are 2 songs from last year I think influenced Silent Shout/ No Hits and Too much love. See what you think.

Black Mountain-No Hits.mp3

LCD Soundsystem-Too Much Love.mp3

I don't really care for most of Caribou's stuff but this song it great!
Caribou-Hello Hammerheads.mp3

Fade into you- I believe if you play this song enough times, you can turn back time.
Mazzy Star-Fade into you.mp3

All of these songs are available at or Itunes

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Joel is better than your...whoever you get your stuff from

My buddy Joel in Seattle is AMAZING! I tell him i'm looking for such and such and within 2 days he will write me and he's got all of it. I don't care how obscure. This guy can find anything.
Last week I did a post or actually a link to Lost in the 80's because he posted about a song To look at you by INXS that was on my list of things to blog about. John does a great job over there and he mentioned that he wanted the Extended remix to that song. Well John here you go, thanks to my good buddy Joel.

INXS-To Look At You Extended Version.mp3

Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling gravitys pull

This song is the opening track from 1985s Fables of the Reconstruction. I love a lot of REM's music, but this song more than any other, has captivated me for over 20 years. It includes everything I like about them especially the atmosphere they could create. This song never got as much notice as it should have.

REM-Feeling Gravitys Pull.mp3

Sunday, September 17, 2006

what the hell happened?

I seem to have lost my archive- I paid to have a place to post the songs that everyone could listen to and now it's gone. Let me try and find out what happened. Please check back.
If the songs work for you today let me know, maybe it's just my puter. send me an email at and let me know the songs are working

cursed like the red shoes

The knife, everyone who's anyone is talking about them. I'm no different.
I read about them in Paste Magazine and flew to my keyboard. I'm sure this album will make most everyones best of 06 list.
The remarkable Silent Shout kept my full attention.
I can break this song down to 2 of last years best. Black Mountains-No hits and LCD Soundsystems-Too much love. The keyboards are the part that really interest me.
The Fingers seem posessed by the curse of the red shoes, once they start, they seem as if they can't stop. Dancing fingers compelled across the keyboard up and down, up and down making suprising choices. The highest notes have a Ping simialar to the steel drum.

If you don't know the tale of the red shoes, it's a good one and short

The Knife-Silent Shout.mp3

A few more songs where the keyboards really made an impression

Duran Duran-The Chauffermp3

Tears For Fears-Change.mp3

Ministry-Just Like You.mp3

All of these songs are available on Itunes and

Saturday, September 16, 2006

stop throwing that around

/Gary Numan-Cars.mp3

One hit wonders - I see lists all over the place. Itunes, VH1 and compilation CDs. I always just kind of accepted them.I was at my friend Seans house in England around 1999. He had 6 Madness albums. I looked at him and said "but they only had one hit, Our House". He rolled his eyes and asked if I was crazy. Evidently Madness had tons of hits in Europe. I saw he had 5 Simply Red albums... same thing, huge over there. UB40 and so on...I borrowed a few of the best of's and was suprised at how many good songs (Simply Red in particular) were on these discs.
I look down these lists now with suspicion - Murray Head - one night in Bangkok, yep I agree. Safety Dance by Men without hats, No I actually like the Pop goes the world album. I melt with you by Modern English - I probably agree with that one. Falco- Rock me Amadeus, they seem to forget Der Komisar. Vanilla Ice - Definately.
Gary Numan is always on the list. Cars. Gary put out a lot of music. He did some really interesting stuff with the Tubeway Army. Does that count? Here is why Cars is so hard for me to dismiss as a one hit wonder. It keeps popping up! Paticularly the last few years. I am hearing the feel from Cars in other songs. A lot of songs, from different bands. And one band seems to have based thier entire sound on that one song- Ladytron - everything they do sounds like cars to me and I love it.

My question is can you really dismiss this song as a one hit wonder if it had such a huge effect on other peoples music?


Ladytron-Destroy Everything You Touch.mp3

Beck-Heaven Hammer.mp3This is a remix by Air

Covenant-Dead Stars.mp3This song actually deserves it's own post, it knocked my socks off! It's what would have happened if Front 242 had Gary and Kraftwerk producing. The review of it on Itunes made me furious btw.

Friday, September 15, 2006

an open letter to Vanessa

Dear Vanessa Carlton,

Back in 2002 when I first heard your song A thousand miles on the radio, I liked it, but got you confused with Michelle Branch and several other young, dark haired singers all coming out at the same time. I wrote you off as a Fiona Apple wannabe. I do that a lot. I thought Fiona was a Tori Amos wannabe and Tori as a wannabe Kate Bush. Everything stops at Kate because she is a goddess.
Recently on one of my internet music casts they played a few songs off your second album Harmonium. I looked to see who these wonderful songs were by. It was you! I am so impressed with your second album. You have grown immensly and Half a week before the winter is one of the best songs I have heard this decade! I really hope it sold enough for you to make a 3rd and I'm so sorry for missing this when it came out.

Best Wishes,

Veronica Martian

Vanessa Carlton-A Thousand Miles.mp3 Where I first heard you.

Vanessa Carlton-Half a Week Before the Winter.mp3 Hey Vanessa, if you can talk your record company into a really large budget; I have an idea for an amazing video. Call me!

/Vanessa Carlton-Annie.mp3 Love this it is pure joy.

/Harmonium-Vanessa-Carlton/Buy Vanessa here

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Famous for a huge gothic cathedral, the teddy bar and now Klee

When I lived in Germany I used to go the the christmas markets every year. Koln was about 2 hours away and had a huge market right next to the Cathedral. The cathedral is enormous, black and imposing. The rest of the city is rather industrial and ugly. We would usually make a day of it and walk around the shopping disctict. There was a place called the Teddy bar which I thought was very clever. And now Klee! Klee means clover in geman and they named themselves after the german painter. A trio from Koln with heavy influence from the 80's, I love thier sound and hope to hear a lot more of them in the future. - Learn more about Klee here

klee_gold.mp3- I loved this one on the first listen

Klee this is for everyone.mp3 I think Robbie Williams would be amazing doing this song

Klee-Die Stadt.mp3 Buy Klee here

Sad news...while I was uploading this I read that former govenor of Texas, Anne Richards has died. I thought she was an amazing woman and an absolute pleasure to share the planet with. I voted for her and will miss her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weird Wednesday

I've been in a weird mood all week. Time to pull out some of my stranger files

The Real Tuesday Weld- Bathtime In Clerkenwell.mp3Taken from the album I lucifer, I find this song fascinating and hope it's not like a ouija board letting evil into my house everytime I listen to it.

rosin murphy-Ramalama Bang Bang .mp3The former lead singer of Moloko out on her own. Thanks to Tim in Omaha for introducing me to this one!

triplettes of bellville.mp3Taken from the Belgian cartoon movie The Triplettes of Belleville

Beef Jerky.MP3
John Lennons kid running around with a couple of japanese girls. This song cracks me up because the words are put together so randomly

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Remora time

To look at you by INXS was on my list of things to post about.I always thought it was one of thier best songs. Lost in the 80's coincedently posted about it last week. Not one to reinvent the wheel... here's the post

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thanks Greg!

My new friend Greg from Wisconsin has turned me on to a band. The Bellrays. This album was released in May of this year. Completely snuck by me.Most of the reviewsI'm reading say things like If Tina Turner hooked up with the Stooges or if Janis Joplin hooked up with MC5... basically a woman with a big voice backed by a punk band and they aren't far off. Bellrays, you have found a new champion in Veronica Martian.Take a listen and I think you will see they are noteworthy and have lots of potential... the album sounds great!
And everyone says they are amazing live!!

The Bellrays-Tell The Lie.mp3 I know if this song had been out at the time it would have been on the Jackie Brown soundtrack

The Bellrays_Maniac Blues.mp3 They rock!

The Bellrays_Third Time's the Charm.mp3

Buy the bellrays here - -(BellRays

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bear interpretations of other peoples songs

Ok so he doesn't actually cover the song. But it is an interpretation. I love this song and the fact that Fiona actually seems to be having fun. I like the unpredictability of the song, the time changes and there is a certain disneylike qaulity to the music I can't put my finger on.

Fiona+Apple-Not About Love.mp3 (Extraordinary-Machine-Fiona-Apple/)

Friday, September 08, 2006

more bear interpretations of other peoples songs

This is Cake doing I will survive. Cake does a lot of covers and usually do a really good job.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bear interpretations of other peoples songs

Okay, this was supposed to be all one post but I can't figure out how to get 3 videos on here. Sigh. I'm going to have to spread this over a few days.
The Urban dictionary defines a "bear" as a man who is hairy, has facial hair, and an unsculpted body.
A friend of mine sent me this video of Matt Weddle of a band called Obediah Parker doing an interesting cover of Hey Ya by Outcast. I may like it better than the original song.

Matt Weddle-heyya.mp3

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Misogyny making a welcome comeback

Now let me just say that Veronica Martian does not approve of treating women poorly. There are things in Art that are not okay in life. And people should be allowed to express themselves. In the 70's you could say whatever. In the 90's we were too PC. When I was doing a little research for this topic all I could find were articles on Rap and misogyny, and one essay by Camille Paglia. I never really understand what she's saying. Just enjoy the songs for what they are.. please don't go treat anyone badly.

Cody Chesnutt Bitch I'm Broke.mp3Iif you hang with Rap people what did you expect, really. I think this is more an ode to greedy girls.

Nickelback Figured You Out.mp3Just rockstar swagger playing the kind of game you can stand up, shower and head off to dinner hand in hand thinking that was fun. A couple of steps away from the Who's a bad or dirty girl game.

Louis XIV Finding Out True Love Is Blind.mp3I'm fine, until he gets to carrot juice... they missed an opportunity to make a great video here.

Vast-Pretty When You Cry.mp3This song is dark and beautiful. This girl will need years of therapy. This is a messed up game!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

princess Tam-tam

Josephine Baker was famous for the banana dance, being an Ex-patriot, famous nude photos and generally causing scandal. I think her life was fascinating and well worth your time to read her biography. Her Music is not nearly as well known as her dancing. It should be. I found a double album of her songs on Emusic. There are many many lovely songs on it. Here are a couple of samples.

Josephine Baker-where'd you get those eyes

Josephine Baker-Partir sur un Bateau tout Blanc
I wonder if this song was the inspiration for Disneys Snow Whites singing style.

Did you know she owned a Cheetah? That America officially declared her a persona-non-grata? Did you know she was part of the French resistance in WWII, Learn more about her -

Monday, September 04, 2006

lost gem

I saw the video for Big Pig - Breakaway back in the late 80's and ran to the store to buy the cassingle. I loved the full sound. They were 7 or 8 drummers, a Keyboard player, a girl lead singer and were from Australia. Thier gimmick was wearing rubber slaughter house aprons?!?
The song came, I bought it and I never heard from them again. I can find almost nothing about them on the internet.

Big Pig-Breakaway (Bonk-Big-Pig)/

and here's the video if you are interested. It's kind of Prince's Kiss- meets NIN Wish

While I was waiting for this to upload.... I learned that Steve Irwin has died from a stingray.
I always appreciated his enthusiasm and enjoyed yelling at the TV "put that thing down".
This makes me sad. I will miss him.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hey, who added a pizza

Prince - one night alone live! If you had asked me before I heard this, I would have said Eh.

Prince-The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker.mp3 (One-Nite-Alone-Live-Prince/)

I was listening to my Pandora player. and Dorothy Parker from Prince One night alone Live!! came on. WOW is all I have to say. WOW!

It starts off normal enough, nothing special, except when Prince stops singing to give the audience a chance to sing a Joni Mitchell line and they fail him.

It's the Bongos turn and they take over. I'm not sure how many opportunities they get on this 3 disc set but he makes you take notice.

The piano sees where the bongos are taking this song and announce that they want in with a bum bum bum bum. They pause for a second and make sure the bongos are done and then take off with a latin flare.

The ghost of Ray Charles wanders on to the stage.... finds the keyboards and seems to say "I see where you are going with this, and I like it, but lets take this song back to the funk".

The piano tries once more but relents and gives in.

The horns wake up and join in.

At this moment the band, Prince, the audience and now you, are one. Like snapping synapses during a test. Using everything you have. The song finishes and I am lying on the floor happily exhausted by the jam.

Here is the original from Sign of the times- It's ok. Sounds dated.

Prince-The Ballad of Dorothy Parker.mp3 /(Sign o the times)

and a different Jazz version just because I happen to have it.

Bob Belden And Tim Hagans-The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker.mp3 (Bluenote plays Prince).

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Good - Now I don't have to

The Lightning Seeds were on my list of things to talk about.
When I lived in Germany- you would hear the lightning seeds all the time. On the radio, in the bar, on the overhead at the store. I picked up Like you do ........ best of the lightning seeds over there. I will never understand why they never made it in the states.
Plague of Angels, (another favorite blog), put up a post this week about the Lightning Seeds. Now I don't have to! Please visit this wonderful blog and check out some of the songs there

Friday, September 01, 2006

Great news- well almost

I was flipping through my usual haunts and read that Veruca Salt has a new album coming on 12 September. I misread it and thought Nina Gordon was back with them! It's untrue. This was also news. Nina released an album in August.

It kind of has that same feeling like when I saw Peter Murphy and Love and Rockets in concert the same week. Almost like Bauhaus, but not really.

Veruca Salt-So Weird.mp3
I liked this song right off. Something seemed familiar to me. Bing- 2nd listen! It's the guitar line from Quiet by the Smashing Pumpkins. New song still rocks.

Watch Volcano Girls and remember why you loved them//QesmAX8

Nina Gordon Suffragette.mp3

Nina Gordon Now I Can Die.mp3 (ninagordon)/

More Nina

Ole Dirty Nina

New Country Album Ready Nina

and just to prove my point ~that is the same guitar line, don't you think?

Smashing Pumpkins Quiet mp3 (Smashing Pumpkins)l