This is basically a music blog. I would like to introduce people to some music they may not know about. I spend an obscene amount of time searching for new musical finds.

Friday, October 27, 2006

stupid EZ archive

I apologize for not posting anything for a few days... they are upgrading EZ archive where I store the songs for you to sample. It's supposed to be up by this weekend.

In the meantime make sure you go over to Mars Needs Guitars and check out Brazil here is a link to the post what a great find! Gene Loves Jezebel meets Echo and the Bunnymen. You will love it! Candles is amazing

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok finally got it

I posted about this last week but it was confused with my good news. Someone named MrBear1970 graciously sent me the MP3. I forget where I first encountered this song. I found it instantly likeable and addictive. Much more chipper than the music I usually listen to. Everyone I have sent this to, shakes thier fist at me because it just sticks with you for days.You have been warned so enjoy and sing it to every Mike you meet.

Jay Spears I Like Mike.mp3

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Italians for beginners

Nek and Eros Ramazzotti are artists from Italy. HUGE in europe, nada in the US. I can forgive you for missing them.
Here are some songs, check it out. If you like them, paruse more of thier albums! Introduce your friends... we shouldn't let the Europeans have all the Italian goodness (thinking that Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra are all there is to Italian music).

Eros Ramazotti+Tina Turner-Cose Della Vita.mp3 I love the James Bond feel of this song

Eros Ramasoti-Fuego en el fuego.MP3

Nek-Laura Non Ce.mp3

Nek and Eros are both available on Itunes and

while we are on the topic.....

Let's just exhaust all the other good Alice songs from my collection

Alice-Joan Armatrading.mp3 I'm sure this one is about the little girl up above... all the others.. no idea

Quasi-AliceTheGoon.mp3 the first minute and 40 seconds of this song are off key and unlistenable but then it finds it's groove and becomes a cool little song

Cocteau Twins-Alice.mp3 This song is beautiful!

Mylene Farmer-Alice.mp3
This one is not on Itunes but it is on It's just on an odd little european compilation I have. Tricky's influence is all over this one.

Most of these songs except Myl'ene Farmer are available on Itunes or

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Who the F*ck is Alice?

I lived in Germany from 97-2000.
I liked the little local pubs. They were smoke filled, friendly and loud. There was always a jukebox hanging on the wall. The jukebox included german drinking favorites, pop music, Italian favorites, and for some reason the only classic rock song the Germans liked was Sweet Home Alabama?!?
Occasionally someone would play a song called Living next door to Alice by Smokie. You could feel the excitement in the air when this song came on.It sounds like any other FM standard from the 70's. I don't think it ever made it in America. At least I don't remember it.When they would get to certain parts in the song, all the Germans would yell in english "ALICE... WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE". I don't know how this started but they did it in K-Town and Koln and Hamburg. It's a decent little song in it's own right but shouting out to the song with a bunch of Germans has just become a part I can't imagine without it.

smokie-who the fuck is alice.mp3

Now let's try and figure out which Alice the song may be about

Alice the Hermit
Alice Nelson

Alice B. Toklas

Alice Cooper

Alice from American McGees Alice game Linda Lavin from the tv show Alice, loosely based on the song Alice's restaruant by Woody Guthrie
Alice B. Toklas again becuase it's just fun to say

I'm sure it's not about any of these Alices> I have to admit it was fun posting a bunch of pictures of Alices though

Smokie-Living Next Door To Alice.mp3 Here's the original without the swearing

This song is available on Itunes and

Friday, October 20, 2006

A milestone

Hey I got added to someone's blog! It's my first one as far as I know of... i'm so excited! John over at Lost in the 80's has seen fit to add me. I love his blog and am honored.

Here is an impossible to find tune from the 80's in his honor.

Softcell-Little Rough Rhinestone.mp3

This is from the 1984 album This last night in Sodom. As a miserable teenager I used to listen to this song over and over. It's my favorite Soft Cell tune.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Make sure you have a spare 15 minutes for this one

This is Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician. This picture would suggest that he likes to wear swimsuits, smoke big spliffs and wear inexpensive jewelry.
There is a lot more to him though.
I have several of his albums and I never get tired of them. Some of them have songs that go on for 15 minutes. The selection I have picked for you is Shakara lady. 13 minutes of great music.
If you like it I highly recommend you explore more Fela Kuti.

Fela Kuti-Shakara.mp3 This song has everything in it jazz, world, funk, rock and an interesting message

You can find Fela on Itunes and at

I kind of get it; but not really

Last year I was down in Orlando for a visit. The song and video for Flashdance by Deep Dish was inescapable. It was driving me nuts because I knew the song was from the Flashdance soundtrack but it was called Flashdance and the only one I could remember was Flashdance (what a feeling) by Irene Cara.
I got home and looked it up.
Ok confusing as it may be... they took the song He's a dream by Shandi, modernized it and called it Flashdance because they are from Iran and the details are lost in translation. That's the best I can figure.

Shandi He's a Dream.mp3 This song holds up well, don't you think? Better than Maniac or What a feeling anyways.

Deep Dish-Flashdance.mp3

Monday, October 16, 2006

3 things inseperable in my mind

"In the Hills, the Cities" by Clive Barker is my favorite story from his books of blood series. Clive was the new horror writer with all the buzz in the 80's. Weaveworld is by far his best book and would easily make a movie trilogy as good as the Lord of the rings or Star Wars if done right. I highly recommend Weaveworld. The books of blood are certainly not for everyone. In the hills, the cities is less horror than the rest.Here is a small synopsis of the story...

Popolac and Podujevo are two rival sister cities, and for years the citizens have come together in a contest unlike any other known to humankind. Popolac and Podejevo go to war, the people strapping themselves together to create towering abominations. Into the hills the Cities go. In the hills they wage an ancient and ceremonial battle.

I had the album Sunburst and Snowblind by the Cocteau Twins. Some months later I was listening to it and kept going back to the song When Momma was Moth. I realized the beggining of the song reminded me of the sound one of the giants from In the hills the cities would have made when walking. The rest of the song stays perfectly in tune with the story.

Cocteau Twins When Mama Was Moth.mp3

A few years later I was at the Prado in Madrid. Most of Goya's paintings are there. I saw this and it finalized the mental trilogy for me.

You can buy the Books of Blood and the Cocteau twins at, You can book a flight to Madrid on

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey hey!

Let's sing
Let's shout
Shake our bodies down to the ground

I did it!!! I'm now promotable to the next grade! My job is safe and the cats and I will not be homeless. Thank you for all the well wishes. I believe it was all your positive kindness that put me over.

Here is a song I find ridiculously catchy. I warn you - WARNING WARNING- you will be singing this all day. If you are a man it could get you in to trouble. I absolutely could not find an MP3 of this for you. Here is a link to the page and listen to song number 5. I like Mike. Click on song number 5

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thanks Todd

This is not me and I don't know these people either. Just an idea of what I will go through tomorrow.

Tomorrow I go to the promotion board. Please send some positive thoughts my way to help me pass. This is generally a miserable experience. Dressed in uncomfortable clothes you have to sit in front of 6 scowling, higher ranking soldiers who would rather be doing something else than asking you questions, inspecting your uniform and making sure you have long paragraphs memorized.

Anyway, here's some new good music for you to check out....

My buddy Todd in Aspen, Colorado turned me onto Ray Lamontagne a few weeks ago and I really appreciate it. This is a great album. I would consider this quiet and essential music. You could easily throw this on before or after a Cowboy Junkies record. Here are a few tracks for you to check out and enjoy.This is his 3rd album if you really like it please check out his other stuff.

ray Lamontagne-Empty.mp3

Ray Lamontagne-be here now.mp3

Ray Lamontagne-You Can Bring Me Flowers.mp3

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dead on impressions

I don't know exactly what to call these songs. They aren't cover versions because they are originals but they sound amazingly like other artists.

Patti Smith-Gloria.mp3

PJ Harvey-Good Fortune.mp3 I say you go PJ Harvey, Patti Smith isn't using this sound anymore. Only thing is, who is going to use the sound you created?

David Bowie-This is not America.mp3 The next two songs fooled me into thinking Bowie had new songs out when I first heard them.

Icehouse-No Promises.mp3

Edwyn Collins-a girl like you.mp3

The Pretenders-Talk Of The Town.mp3

Garbage-Special.mp3 Shirley Manson does a dead on impression of Chrissie Hynde (pretenders) at the end of this song.

All of these songs are available at

Friday, October 06, 2006

Retro radio

I'm really enjoying this retro sound that's around lately. It seems to make a comeback every 10 years or so.
In the 90's Texas had thier biggest selling album white on blonde featuring them doing a tribute to the motown sound.
Even though these songs feature retro music they talk about things like devil worship, addiction and use the f word. They may have hinted at these things in the 50's-60's, I guess we just say them out loud now.

Persephone's Bee's - This song is already featured on a commercial. I have high hopes for them.

persephone's bees-nice day.mp3

Amy Winehouse - She is tearing up the brittish charts.

Amy Winehouse-Rehab.mp3

Lily Allen - Daughter of some famous Brit that I've never heard of. I like the song though.

Lily Allen-Everythings Just Wonderful.mp3

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Thinking about that VHS tape series. Here is another song that I really liked.
The video made me sad. It's worth a look.
I bought the album and have to say I didn't really care for the rest of it. I never followed up on any of their other stuff. If I remember right they were from the same town and jumped on the Hootie and the blowfish bandwagon.
This song is worth a listen, and the video should send you scrambling to Ebay to buy up every copy of any yearbook you may be in.

This song is available on Itunes and at

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hobo humpin slobo babe

In the early 90's you could get these vhs tapes every month that had "alternative" videos on them. Bjork, Tori Amos were usually staples. These tapes, I forget the company and how much they cost, introduced me to quite a few songs I might not have heard of otherwise (pre internet).
One of my favorite videos was Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe by a swedish band called Whale. This song is almost always on my workout mixes. Hard rock with silly vocals, right up my alley. I think this song is a classic.
Please check out the video if girls with big eyes and braces giving lolllipop spankings to swedish guys in dresses and tinfoil bathing suits doing Chili Pepper antics is your thing. I believe I have your full attention now, LOL, I think it's worth watching at least once.
I always wanted to use this to insult someone and keep forgetting. I might make that a goal this week."Hey you, yeah you, the hobo humpin......"

Whale-Hobo Humpin slobo Babe.mp3

Oh Happy October and this song is available on Itunes.